Here’s the next post with a copy of a section of the report I did a few years ago to help explain the possibilities of the internet, click here to see the first post. Also, Contact Me if you’d like the full PDF-copy of the Free Starter called “How To Harness The Internet’s Power”

2.0 - Achieving Clear Goals

2.1 - Here are two examples of clients I have worked with.

2.2 - Mark wanted to start his own business in a very specialist construction niche in commercial property. He believed that having a website would cream in new business or so he’d heard from a friend. He knew I did websites and asked what I thought, which began with talking through what he actually wanted to achieve.

2.3 - We concluded that in actual fact he needed to speak direct with other contractors in the area to secure work as a sub-contractor, and all it would take is a few regular sources to have consistent work. So the best way was to actually put a very basic website on the internet and send an old fashioned letter to these suppliers (I helped him find a list of names and addresses) and simply have a website there to refer to and show more details about him and his business.

2.4 - No need to fath around trying to get people finding his website on the internet because contractors would not be looking on the internet for him – simple really, and infact it meant I didn’t need to do an awful lot.

2.5 - Another example though is Ian who is the landlord of a popular pub in Derbyshire. He hadn’t had a website all these years and thrived simply by word of mouth and ‘offline’ marketing. But the time came to get with the times and build up other areas of the pub such as bed and breakfast and restaurant facilities, so we chatted through the options.

2.6 - Now in this situation he was seeking lots of people looking for a good pub on the internet as well as noting the website on any publicity material, therefore as well as producing a great looking website with all the right details on we focussed on getting it found on the internet, so for example coming up at the top of Google for local searches.