A few years ago I created a free report as an overview to the internet for businesses, to appreciate the possibilities and help dovetail into their needs. So this started looking at an overview of the internet and its importance, but then homing in on what your specific needs and requirements are. It looks at the different aspects of the internet, so not just the bog-standard main websites but all the other angles like social media, use of mobile phones, and just what people are spending. It then looks at what practical steps you can take to start applying to your situation, the important thing being to understand what direction you’re first going in to then work out the detail.

Contact Me if you’d like the full PDF-copy of the Free Starter called “How To Harness The Internet’s Power” – in the meantime, I’ll post different sections of these as blog posts over the next few weeks, the first introduction one below:

1.0 - Introduction

1.1 - This is a short report on the internet and websites and how exactly to harness the potential of them for your needs. Although this is predominately in a business context, they are the same principles for other areas of life for example a hobby or interest, a voluntary organisation, or just socially.

1.2 - You will of course be aware of how the internet has effected modern life nowadays, and even heard of success stories right from businesses blossoming, having information easily to hand, and communication improving. The internet has also evolved over the last 15 years – in the late nineties and early naughties it was an impressive thing to just have any form of website on the internet, whereas nowadays it needs to be more active with fresh updates which people can interact with.

1.3 - This report focuses on the important aspects of the internet and websites working to fulfil your needs. It is not a full ins-and-outs ‘user manual’ but food for thought and ideas to get you thinking and then doing something yourself or by hiring someone to help you. Infact it is going to be most helpful if you do have someone helping because they can be doing all the technical things while you have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve - without this focus it is easy to waste your hard earned efforts and money.